How do I transfer my apprenticeship levy?

Accessing your apprenticeship service account

Stage 1

You’ll need to sign into your GOV.UK One Login account to access your online apprenticeship service account.

If you don’t have a GOV.UK One login or an apprenticeship service account, visit this link to find out how to create one.

Stage 2

From here, you can access your apprenticeship service account to begin your transfer.

Making a levy transfer

There are two options for transferring levy funds. If you know a business in your supply chain for example that wants to take on apprentices, then you can make a direct transfer. If you want to offer your levy transfer allowance to businesses you don’t know, then you will need to create a transfer pledge.

How to make a direct transfer to a business you know

You can transfer levy funds to a business you know if you have their apprenticeship service account ID.

In your apprenticeship service account, select ‘finance’ then ‘manage transfer connections’. Enter the other business’s apprenticeship service account ID then wait for them to accept the transfer connection. Then check and approve the apprenticeship training details and cost in your account after they’ve been added to the service by the business receiving a transfer.

How to create a transfer pledge

If you don’t know a business or businesses that you’d like to transfer your funding to, then you can pledge an amount for other businesses to apply for. Some businesses have set up their own pledge system – for example East Sussex County Council and the University of Brighton. They have large levy funding pots and have teams dedicated to doing this.

There is now an online service that you access through your apprenticeship service account which can manage the pledge for you and help you to transfer funds.

This video shows you all the steps you need to take and is designed so that you can follow along while in your own apprenticeship service account.

Or click here for more detail on how to transfer levy from your apprenticeship service account.

Setting up an apprenticeship service account

You’ll need to log in to your GOV.UK One Login account. From there you can set up your apprenticeship service account.

This short video shows you how to register an account on the Apprenticeship Service.

You can also read more about it here.

Transform’s Top Tips

While your apprenticeship service account is designed to record, track and forecast your levy transfer funds, we recommend that you keep your own records.

We have noticed that the funds showing as available can be different depending on where you look on the site.