Finding the right apprenticeship training course and provider

Many employers will automatically know the type of apprenticeship training they are looking for, such as electrical, adult care, business administration etc, but there may be times when you are unsure what the best apprenticeship training for you is, particularly to meet your business needs.

If you are upskilling existing employees, you will also need to consider the individual’s own development and career aspirations too as well as their prior attainment and experience. The other consideration is the level of the role you need that employee to fulfil once they become occupationally competent after undertaking the training.

Choosing the apprenticeship training course

Stage 1

First you should visit the ‘find apprenticeship training for your apprentice’ webpage. This webpage enables you to search the apprenticeship training courses that have been approved for delivery in England. Here you can apply filters such as a job role or key word, qualification level and probably crucially apprenticeship category.

Stage 2

Once you’ve refined the search criteria and have various options, look at each of the apprenticeship programmes and check whether the job role and the skills the apprentice will learn matches your criteria.

You can also see the qualification level, the typical duration that the training is delivered over and the maximum cost of the training/funding.

Choosing your apprenticeship provider

Your next step is to find a training provider who delivers your chosen course. You do this by entering the town or postcode where your business is based. You can then review the details of these providers.

 The number of training provider options will vary. You can narrow your search down further by how you would like your apprentice to be trained i.e. in workplace, day, or block release (e.g. college etc); how other employers have rated the course previously; and what the apprentices think of it.

The narrower your criteria the more refined your results. It’s worth noting though, that some training providers may have only just started delivering a particular apprenticeship, so there may be a reason why they have not got any reviews. Also, you may wish to select a local training provider rather a national training provider.

SCTP is the membership organisation for training providers in Sussex and can help you to find a training provider that delivers the courses that you are looking for. You can email the SCTP team at for free and impartial brokerage support.