SCTP Mission Statement

SCTP’s Mission Statement is ‘Making Sussex a brilliant place for learning’.

We do this for our members by:

Having Your Back, supporting members through:

  • Lobbying about key sector issues on their behalf.
  • Providing access to CPD opportunities.
  • Promoting access to business development opportunities.

Raising your profile

  • Promoting our members’ provision on our Apprenticeships in Sussex website and school service.
  • Supporting cross referrals, collaboration and new opportunities for members.
  • Promoting reward and recognition activities for member organisations.

Plugging you into the wider sector

  • Providing valuable networking opportunities at members’ conferences, subgroups and events.
  • Providing high quality and relevant speakers at members’ conferences and other meetings.
  • Disseminating live sector analysis of key policy changes and funding opportunities and access to consultation processes and lobbying.

SCTP members can read the full SCTP Business Plan 2018 – 2021 to see what SCTP is doing to support its members on the Members’ Resources & Information page.