Members’ Resources & Information

Our resources come from a variety of events, or were developed to meet specific needs identified by our members or through SCTP projects. 

These include documents from SCTP meetings and events as well useful resources such as infographics and videos.

Click on the links to download the documents you are interested in [pdfs]:

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 19 July 2018

Pre-Employment Group Meeting – 20 June 2018

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 24 May 2018

Explanation & Update on the Apprenticeship Service – 24 May 2018

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 22 March 2018

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Members Session – 22 March

Implementing GDPR – free e-learning module

SCTP member e-learningwmb has made available an ‘Implementing the GDPR’ free e-learning module on their website.  It covers the 12 steps as outlined by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  There is a link to download the free scorm package to allow you to complete the course.

GDPR Webinar Slides – shared  by AELP

This presentation on GDPR , which you may find interesting, was shared by AELP at their regional network meeting.

Pre-Employment Group Meeting – 28 February 2018

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 18 January 2018

SCTP Annual General Meeting – 18 January 2018

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 16 November 2017

Pre-Employment Group Meeting – 11 October 2017

Members’ Meeting Presentations – 21 September 2017

iPEGS post-meeting session:

Members’ Meeting Presentations –  20 July 2017

Pre-Employment Group Meeting – 21 June 2017

Infographic for East Sussex SMEs

We worked with the South East LEP and East Sussex County Council to create a clear infographic for local SMEs. With essential statements, statistics, case studies and testimonials this resource will be widely shared with small businesses thinking about their apprenticeship offer.

East Sussex SME Infographic

Apprenticeship Videos on the SCTP YouTube Channel

We have a YouTube Channel to share videos that we have created to promote apprenticeships across Sussex.

There is a series of videos, produced for Brighton & Hove City Council, to inform potential apprentices and employers about the opportunities and experience apprenticeships can offer in Brighton & Hove.  There are also ten videos, produced for CXK Ltd and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.  These feature employers and apprentices, from a range of sectors and areas across the South East, speaking about their positive experiences of being involved in the programme.

Feel free to embed these videos in your websites to help spread the word about the benefits of apprenticeships.

Find out how apprenticeships work for employers, the opportunities
available for apprentices and benefits to different businesses.

Find out how apprenticeships can provide opportunities and experience while they set you up with a career and pay you to learn, and the benefits for the apprenticeship employer.

We are very happy to include videos from our members on the SCTP YouTube channel.  If you have videos which are relevant to government funded training programmes and would be useful for learners, employers or parents/carers to view, which are informative and not overtly sales-focused, please contact us.

Support for Learners with Disabilities

At the Pre-employment group meeting in June, a member discussion was held around how members are managing to support mental health issues within their student community and what provision is available.

The following documents list a range of support/resources which are available across Sussex which members may find useful.  If you would like to amend or add anything to the list you think other members would find useful, please let us know.

Support And Resources For Learners With Mental Health Issues

Emotional Wellbeing Websites (courtesy of West Sussex County Council)