As an organisation, we seek out opportunities for relevant projects to run which will be in the interest of our members.  We also receive requests to run projects on behalf of organisations such as Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Our Board carefully considers each project specification against a set of criteria, including whether our involvement would benefit our members.  If these criteria are met and the project fits with our mission, then we proceed with the project.

Below is an overview of projects we are currently, or have recently, organised.


Apprenticeships in Sussex – Apprentice Ambassadors


We train apprentices to act as Apprentice Ambassadors, and inspire other young people to take up an apprenticeship. The apprentices learn to share their apprenticeship experience by talking in schools and colleges, making young people aware of the opportunities available.

The training enables the apprentices to speak confidently about apprenticeships, how to hold and engage an audience, how to tell their story and answer questions effectively.  The apprentices have benefited by developing their confidence and interpersonal skills and their employer has the benefit of being promoted in the local community and supporting the development of their apprentice.

Pictured on the left of this photo are two apprentice ambassadors from Brighton & Hove City Council.



Presenting Apprenticeship Opportunities to Parents and Young People at Hove Town Hall

July 2017

On 4 July we arranged an event at Hove Town Hall called ‘Apprenticeships – busting the myths’.

Over 600 parents and young people came along to meet training providers to talk about the opportunities that apprenticeships offer.




Promoting Apprenticeships to SMEs.  Developing an infographic for employers in East Sussex.

July 2017

We worked with East Sussex County Council and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership to create a clear infographic for local small & medium sized businesses.  With essential statements, statistics, case studies and testamonials, this resource will be widely shared with small businesses thinking about their apprenticeship offer.   Feel free to download and share the infographic. [pdf]


Apprenticeship promotional videos produced by SCTP. 

July 2017

SCTP produced a series of videos for Brighton & Hove City Council, to inform potential apprentices and employers about how apprenticeships work and the opportunities available for apprentices and benefits to different businesses.

They succinctly tell stories about apprenticeships from a range of perspectives, including that of apprentices, employers and parents.  All the videos are available on the SCTP YouTube Channel. Feel free to embed these videos in your websites to help spread the word about the benefits of apprentices.

SCTP, in association with CXK Ltd & the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), has produced ten videos promoting apprenticeships.  The videos feature employers and apprentices speaking about their positive experiences of being involved in the programme. The videos were successfully showcased at a SELEP skills event and are available for use now and can be accessed on the SCTP You Tube channel.

National Collaborative Outreach Programme to promote apprenticeships in schools and communities.


SCTP has received funding from the Sussex Learning Network’s bid from that National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP).  The NCOP programme aims to increase the participation in higher education of disadvantaged groups across East and West Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

SCTP will focus on delivering activities that boost outreach in schools, raise parent/carer understanding of apprenticeship progression routes, and build links with local communities. We will be developing innovative resources and our Apprentice Ambassador Network to support this work.

More information (and photos) will be uploaded as we develop this project.