Briefing On Work & Health Programme In East Sussex

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Today SCTP attended a briefing from Shaw Trust, the successful bidder for the Work & Health Programme (WHP) for the Home Counties region which includes East Sussex. Delivery of the new programme aimed at people with a disability, the long-term unemployed and a range of ‘early access’ groups starts on the 15th January. Delivery will be carried out by one sub-contractor, SCDA – their lead contact is Employability Programme Manager, Jude Day. A proportion of the WHP budget is available to support the local procurement of services to meet the needs of participants which could be skills related. Click here for the slides from the presentation which outlines how the delivery of the new programme will be implemented and who will benefit. SCTP’s most recent information is that the contract to deliver the Work & Health Programme for the Southern region (which covers West Sussex and Brighton & Hove) has been won by Pluss (sic) and is being subcontracted to Maximus – we’ll publish more details when we have them.