West Sussex County Council to Appoint Full-Time Chief Executive

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A full-time chief executive is to be recruited by West Sussex County Council as it concludes a highly successful local leadership partnership with its neighbour, East Sussex. Becky Shaw has been chief executive of both West and East Sussex County Councils since January 2020, in an innovative partnership set up by their leaders Cllr Keith Glazier (East Sussex) and Cllr Paul Marshall (West Sussex). The partnership has seen both councils thrive and deliver important services for the residents, businesses and communities of both counties which are now well run with strong, stable and transparent governance, management and business planning and ambitious to meet the priorities of the people they serve. Cllr Paul Marshall said: “West Sussex County Council is in good shape to face the significant challenges and uncertainties ahead and we are proud of all the team has achieved since 2020. We are grateful for the significant contribution Becky and the East Sussex team have made to West Sussex and we look forward to continuing to work in partnership once we have recruited a new chief executive.” Click here for more.