Unemployment Falls To 42 Year Low

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Unemployment in the UK fell by 57,000 in the three months to June, official figures show, bringing the jobless rate down to 4.4% – its lowest since 1975. The numbers of people in the UK who are in employment has increased and unemployment has decreased, continuing the trend seen over recent years.
Almost 200,000 have been unemployed for 24 months or more, thereby qualifying for the Work and Health Programme. The rate of decrease among these long term unemployed group is significant – halving in just three years. Youth unemployment is also falling but at a much slower pace. In April-June 2017, there were 545,000 unemployed 16-24 year olds (including 886,000 full-time students seeking part time jobs). This includes 32,000 16-17 year olds and 327,000 18-24 year olds who are not in full time education and are unemployed, a 16% and 14% decrease compared to April-June last year, respectively. Click here for a broad analysis from the BBC.