Request for SCTP Member Feedback on Use of Find an Apprenticeship

SCTP has been requested by Apprenticeships in East Sussex (AES), the strategic board for the county, to get some informal, anonymous feedback from its member providers about how they interact with the government’s Find an Apprenticeship (FAA) service. This data will remain anonymous, the AES group are trying to understand the level of vacancies that are appearing on the FAA system across East Sussex. We would be grateful therefore, if you could email, or call Vanessa on 07493680398, to give feedback on how you currently interact with the system. Do all the vacancies you have go on the FAA system? If not, what are the reasons/particular circumstances when vacancies don’t get uploaded to FAA? If the vacancies aren’t advertised on the FAA system, is this a decision by the training provider or the employer? Any feedback you can share would be much appreciated and will be used to improve the system.