Reform Think Tank Apprenticeship Report – Worth a Closer Look

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Last week we covered this report from the Reform Think Tank which looks at how the apprenticeship reforms including the apprenticeship levy are working – or not. Fe News has carried four articles from its author Tom Richmond which give an interesting analysis on where we are with – the levy, starts figures and the 3 million target (article 1), defining apprenticeships and quality (article 2), the impact on employers (article 3), the impact on providers, the registers and EPA (article 4) and a summary and recommendations (article 5). The report is provocatively titled ‘The Great Training Robbery’ but that disguises a report with some well observed points and recommendations that many members will support and perhaps some that they won’t (e.g. criticism of substance of some Level 2 apprenticeships in article 2). Richard Marsh of national provider, Kaplan provides an alternative analysis of the report and the first year of the levy here.