National Careers Service Re-procurement

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Despite the fact that a national careers strategy has still not yet been published, notification for the procurement of Supplier(s) for the National Careers Service area based service has now been published. Prime contractors are being sought who will be accountable and responsible for the delivery of a new service in defined geographical areas in England from October 1st 2018. These contracts will cover the provision of careers information advice and guidance to adults and will be part of a blended service that includes a national website and a national contact centre. The NCS has put out a position statement which is available here and gives more detail on what is being sought. All organisations interested in finding out more should contact the ESFA by using the online message board at . All communication about this procurement will be managed through the online message board. A series of market engagement events will take place on 17, 22 and 24 November in Birmingham and London respectively – details are here.