Most Common Occupations in the UK

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New analysis of ONS data has revealed the jobs with the most full-time employees in the UK. There are now more people working full-time as programmers and software development professionals than any other occupation type, according to a new study by HR software provider Ciphr based on the ONS’ latest Annual Population Survey estimates. In the year to December 2023, there was a 14% increase in the number of programmers and software development professionals – an umbrella term that includes over 120 job titles, such as software engineer, machine learning engineer, app developer, games designer, computer programmer, IT analyst and software architect – employed in the UK. It’s now the most popula full-time occupation – accounting for 2.5% (531,600) of the UK’s estimated 21.6 million full-time employees (not including self-employed workers). It also pays a higher-than-average median salary of £49,430. Notably, over half (56%) of employees in these roles are based in the south and east regions of England, including London. Click here for the full list from FE News.