Making Better Use of Data Held Across Government to Reduce Evidence Requirements for Providers and Employers

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ESFA are continuing to simplify their policies and processes to make it easier for providers and employers to engage and participate in apprenticeships. In July 2023, they announced that they will use the data held by other government departments to simplify the way that they verify the employment of apprentices. This will enable them to reduce the evidence requirements they place on employers and providers. To verify that an apprentice meets the ‘employed status’ eligibility criteria, they will match the information they hold against the information that the employer has submitted to HMRC through their Pay As You Earn Scheme (PAYE). Over the coming months they will start to test the simplified verification process, engaging with employers and providers to give them the opportunity to share feedback.ESFA will be sharing this message with the wider sector and employers to inform them of this work and describe the planned benefits. Employers may ask you for advice on how to add a PAYE scheme to their apprenticeship account. Please direct them to this article which explains what they need to do.