ESFA Update: 24 March

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Latest from ESFA including: 1. Action: complete your application for a senior mental health lead training grant. 2. Reminder: final opportunity to register to deliver T Levels and the T Level Transition Programme from the 2024 to 2025 academic year. 3. Information: college MPM return. 4. Information: College Financial Forecasting Return (CFFR). 5. Information: funding allocation statements for 2023 to 2024. 6. Information: Share your Skills recruitment campaign. 7. Information: payment profiles for academic year 2023 to 2024. 8. Information: bookings are open for new Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWD) courses. 9. Information: funding rules monitoring report ‘Apprenticeship off-the-job training hours (OTJT) below the minimum’ (FRM37). 10. Information: 16 to 19 distance subcontracting requests.