ESFA Subcontracting Reforms Announced

The ESFA has published the response to its subcontracting consultation, which set out ten proposals for reforming the future arrangements for the subcontracting of ESFA funded post-16 education and training.  The reforms announced include reducing the volume of subcontracted activity, requiring providers’ Corporations and Boards who choose to subcontract to publish a curriculum rationale for their subcontracted activity, placing restrictions and limits on types of subcontracting that have been identified as higher risk, acting on use of brokers to ‘sell on’ provision to subcontractors and improving the management and oversight of subcontracting, assessed through a new subcontracting standard. The changes will be brought in over the next three years to allow for a period of adjustment and full detail will be announced later this year. Comment on this news can be read here. Some sector response can be read here.