Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group Reveals Insights on the Lack of Exit Interviews in the UK Education Sector

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Talent management specialists Cpl’s Talent Evolution Group has revealed that over half (62%) of employees in the UK education industry were not invited to a formal exit interview when resigning from their previous job role. The survey, conducted among 1,500 ex-employees who have resigned from a job within the last five years, also discovered that just under half (48%)of employees working in the education sector were not being asked to feedback at all when leaving, revealing a missed opportunity for valuable employee engagement. Instead, organisations risk employee feedback being shared online, with the rise of public review platforms which 56% of workers in the education sector have used to review a previous employer. With a quarter of these reviews holding negative sentiment, by skipping the process of an exit interview, employers are missing the chance to resolve the issues and concerns of their workforce internally. Click here for more.