Apprenticeships in Sussex Update

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Apprenticeships in Sussex (AiS) is the website and events service that provides information to schools and employers on the wide range of vocational provision available and the SCTP members that can support them.

The AiS team will be back at Bexhill Academy this week to follow up on a successful careers fair in October. They will be delivering a workshop with Year 11 students around apprenticeships as a Post-16 option.  They will also be presenting on the AiS offer to schools at a Careers Education CPD event for East Sussex County Council on Thursday 7th December.  It will be a great opportunity to extend the reach of their apprenticeship awareness work in schools.

AiS events are often supported by Apprentice Ambassadors. The AiS team is keen to receive more referrals of apprentices to join the ambassador network.  Training is provided so apprentices are equipped to come and share stories in school and community settings across Sussex.  They are looking for current, or recently qualified apprentices with the ambition to inspire others.  The ambassadors will learn to share their apprenticeship experience, raising awareness of the opportunities and progression routes available.  If you know of an apprentice who would make a great ambassador, please contact