AELP SME Apprenticeship Participation Survey

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Feedback from providers has identified some potential barriers to SME participation in apprenticeships where providers have, for a variety of reasons, not been able to agree terms with employers to deliver apprenticeship business. AELP has been commissioned to administer an online questionnaire to help describe and explain such situations, producing an evidence-base with which to inform future meetings. They aim to find out:
1.       Are levels of demand sufficient to make apprenticeship business viable?
2.       Is there a sufficient range of Standards in place to meet employer demand?
3.       Are there any other areas in the policy reforms that have led providers to decline approaches from SMEs?

Members are encouraged to respond to the survey to help SCTP and AELP influence national apprenticeship policy. The survey will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and closes at 5 pm on Friday 18 May, 2018.