AELP Provider Survey Shows Major Issues with Apprenticeship Reforms

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An AELP survey of providers that looked at the effectiveness of the apprenticeship reforms has been published on day two of its annual conference. Almost 75% of training providers revealed that they unhappy with the amount of non-levy apprenticeship funding available, claiming it is “insufficient” to meet demand from small businesses. In addition, 77% of providers still believed that employers are struggling to understand and engage with the new apprenticeship system, 72% said there are not enough new apprenticeship standards in place, and 82 per cent didn’t think there were enough end-point assessment programmes available. Click here for more.

Meanwhile a AELP has published the results of a FOI request to the ESFA which show that independent training providers continue to deliver 74% of apprenticeships either directly to employers or via subcontract arrangements.