Government Response to Augar Review into HE

As part of the launch of the Government’s response to the post-18 review into higher education, Minister Donelan delivered a speech at the Centre for Policy Studies. The transcript of the speech can be read here. Its response includes the launch of two consultations, one on a Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) and one on other HE reform areas such as minimum eligibility requirements and student number controls.

The LLE consultation looks at plans to support students to study, train, retrain or upskill at any stage throughout their lives through flexible and modular courses.

The Higher Education Reform consultation, asks for views on student number controls, minimum eligibility requirements, foundation years, eligibility for a state scholarship, and growing high-quality level 4 and 5.

Some sector reaction to the HE review and consultations can be read here. Both consultations close on 6 May.