Moving On Up Vacancies

If you are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in East Sussex and would like to work, Moving On Up can help you to find the right job, and then move into your own accommodation.

The Moving On Up team works with employers across East Sussex to create amazing opportunities. Please browse the jobs listed below.

If you are already on the Moving On Up programme, please contact your mentor to express an interest, or apply for any of the positions listed below.

Did you know that Moving On Up offers a job matching service? 

This means that we will speak to employers on your behalf and try to find vacancies that meet your career interests.

Find more information and the referral form here: Moving On Up Apprenticeship (

  • CV and job application help.
  • Access to confidence coaching and interview practice.
  • In-work better off calculations
  • All jobs and apprenticeships pay a minimum of £12,000 per annum
  • Guaranteed interview if you meet the job requirements.

MoU Partner Employers