The list is intended to help members to demistify the wide range of acronyms used in the training and education sector. If you can help us add to the list please e-mail


ACE - Apprenticeship Certification England

ACEVO - Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations

ACL - Adult & Community Learning

AEB - Adult Education Budget

ALL (24+) - Advanced Learning Loans

AIS - Apprenticeships in Sussex (website)

ALN - Additional Learning Needs

AELP - Association of Employment and Learning Providers

ALS - Additional Learning Support

ALPHI - Association of Learning Providers Hampshire and Isle of Wight

ALPS - Association of Learning Providers Surrey

ALPSE - Association of Learning Providers South East

ALR - Adult Learner Responsive (funding)

ALT - Association Of Learning Technologies

AO - Awarding Organisation

AOC - Association of Colleges

AOSEC - Association of South East Colleges

AP - Area Prospectus

APL - Accreditation of Prior Learning

APPG - All Party Parliamentary Group

ASB - Adult Single Budget

ASCL - Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009

ASL - Adult Safeguarded Learning

ASSC - Alliance of Sector Skills Councils (now FISS)

ASSP - Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme

ATA - Apprenticeship Training Agency

AV - Apprenticeship Vacancies

AWP - Area Wide Prospectus

AWPU - Average Weighted Pupil Unit (school funding)


BAME - Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic

BHCC - Brighton & Hove City Council

BSA - Basic Skills Agency

BBO - Building Better Opportunities

BYB - Backing Young Britain


CAVTL - Commission on Adult Vocational Training and Learning

C2C - Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership

CAP - Common Application Process

CBI - Confederation of British Industry

CCP - Commercial or Charitable Providers

CDIT - Creative Digital & Information Technology

CDS - Central Delivery Service (SFA)

CEIAG - Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

CEGNET - Careers Education and Guidance Network

CESG - City Employment and Skills Group (Brighton)

CIF - Common Inspection Framework

CIFE - Chartered Institute of FurtherEducation

CPD - Continuing Professional Development

CSR - Comprehensive Spending Review

CTTLS - Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

CWS - Coastal West Sussex


DBIS - Department of Business Innovation & Skills

DCLG - Dpartment of Communites & Local Government

DEFRA - Department for Food & Rural Affairs

DFE - Department for Education

DLS - Discretionary Learner Support

DSAT - Data Self Assesment Tool

DTTLS - Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

DWP - Department for Work & Pensions


E2E - Entry to Employment

EAFRD - European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

EBL - Education Business Links

EBP - Education Business Partnership

EFA - Education Funding Agency (replaced by ESFA)

EHCP - Education Health & Care Plan

EMA - Education Maintenance Allowance

EMMF - European Maritime & Fisheries Fund

EOI - Expression Of Interest

EOP - Employer Ownership Pilot

EPA - End Point Assessment

EPN - Essex Provider Network

ER - Employer Responsive (funding)

ERDF - European Regional Development Fund

ERSA - Employer Related Services Association

ESCC - East Sussex County Council

ESF - European Social Fund

ESFA - Education and Skills Funding Agency

ESIF - European Structural Investment Fund

ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Langauges

EQA - External Quality Assurer

ETF - Education & Training Foundation (formerly FE Guild)

EYE - Early Years Educator


FAB - Federation of Awarding Bodies

FD - Foundation Degree

FDA - Foundation Degree (Arts)

FDSC - Foundation Degree (Science)

FE - Further Education (sometimes used to include WBL, sometimes not)

FELTAG - Further Education Learning Technology Action Group

FES - FE Sussex

FFE - Framework for Excellence

FIS - Funding Information System

FISS - Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards (formerly ASSC)

FJF - Future Jobs Fund

FL - Foundation Learning

FOI - Freedom of Information (Act/Request)

FS - Functional Skills

FSB - Federation of Small Businesses

FSM - Free School Meals


G&T - Gifted and Talented

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations

GFE - General Further Education

GLH - Guided Learning Hours

GOSE - Government Office South East

GTA - Group Training Association


HA - Higher Apprenticeships

HE - Higher Education

HEFCE - Higher Education Funding Council for England

HEI - Higher Education Institution

HLA - Higher Level Apprenticeships

HMG - Her Majesty's Government

HMI - Her Majesty's Inspector (OFSTED)

HMPS - Her Majesty's Prison Service

HNC - Higher National Certificate

HND - Higher National Diploma


IA - Information Authority

IAC - Industry Apprentice Council

IAG - Information Advice and Guidance

IEP - Institute of Employability Professionals

IES - Integrated Employment & Skills

IFA - Institute For Apprenticeships

IFL - Institute For Learning

ILP - Individual Learning Plan

ILR - Individual Learning Record

ILT - Information & Learning Technology

IMD - Index of Multiple Deprivation

IPPR - Institute For Public Policy Research

IQA - Internal Quality Assurer

IQER - Integrated Quality Enhancement Review (HE)

ISA - Independent Safeguarding Authority

ITE - Initial Teacher Education

ITP - Independent Training Provider

ITT - Invitation to Tender or Initial Teacher Training


JC+ (or JCP) - Jobcentre Plus

JCQ - Joint Council for Qualifications

JISC - Joint Information Systems Committee

JSA - Job Seekers Allowance

JWT - Job Without Training


KAFEC - Kent Association of Further Education Colleges

KATO - Kent Association of Training Organisations

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

KS - Key Stage

KTP - Knowledge Trainsfer Partnership


LA - Local Authority

LAA - Local Area Agreement

LAC - Looked After Children

LARA - Learning Aim Reference Application

LARS - Learning Aim Reference Service

LCEGS - Low Carbon Environmental Goods & Services

LDA - Learning Disability Agreement

LEA - Local Education Authority

LEP - Local Enterprise Partnership

LGA - Local Government Association

LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

LIG - Learning Innovation Grant

LIS - Learner Information Suite

LLDD - Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities

LLUK - Lifelong Learning UK

LMI - Labour Market Information

LSIS - Learning & Skills Improvement Service

LSN - Learning and Skills Network


MCL - Minimum Contract Level

MCV - Maximum Contract Value

MLP - Minimum Levels of Performance

MOAP - Moving On Action Plan

MOOC - Massive Open Online Course

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding


NAAN - National Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network

NAO - National Audit Office

NAS - National Apprenticeship Service

NAW - National Apprenticeship Week

NCC - National Careers Council

NCETM - National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics

NCS - National Careers Service or National Citizenship Service

NCVO - National Council of Voluntary Organisations

NDAQ - National Database of Accredited Qualifications

NEET - Not In Education Employment or Training

NES - National Employer Service

NIACE - National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education

NIC - National Insurance Contributions

NMW - National Minimum Wage

NOS - National Occupational Standards

NSRT - National Success Rate Tables

NVQ - National Vocational Qualification


OTL - Observation of Teaching & Learning

OCT - Open Competitive Tendering

OFQUAL - Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

OFSTED - Office for Standards in Education

OLDC - On Line Data Collection

ONS - Office of National Statistics


PCT - Primary Care Trust

PDSAT - Provider Data Self Assessment Tool

PFMA - Provider Financial Management Assurance

PFR - Provider Funding Report

PFU - Programmes For The Unemployed

PLA - Programme Led Apprenticeship

PRD - Peer Review & Development

PRU - Pupil Referral Unit

PQQ - Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

PTTLS - Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector


QA   - Quality Assurance

QCF - Qualifications & Credit Framework

QPF - Qualified Provider Framework

QSR - Qualification Success Rates


RAG - Red, Amber, Green (rating)

RAISE - Regional Action and Involvement South East (3rd Sector network)

RITS - Regulatory IT System (OFQUAL)

RONI - Risk of NEET Indicator

RPA - Raising of the Participation Age

RPG - Regional Planning Group

RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning

ROATP - Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

ROTO - Register of Training Organisations


SAG - Skills Advisory Group (SELEP)

SASE - Specification of Apprenticeship Standards in England

SALC - Sussex Association Of Local Councils

SCCH - Sussex Coast College Hastings

SCTP - Sussex Council of Training Providers!

SELEP - South East Local Enterprise Partnership

SEN - Special Educational Needs

SEND - Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

SEP - Strategic Economic Plan (LEPs)

SES - Skills East Sussex (ESCC Strategic Group)

SFA - Skills Funding Agency

SFL - Skills For Life

SFLDC - Skills For Life Development Centre

SFR - Statistical First Release

SLC - Student Loans Company

SLN - Sussex Learning Network or Standard Learner Number

SME - Small or Medium Sized Enterprise

SPV - Special Purpose Vehicle

SSA - Sector Skills Agreement

SSC - Sector Skills Council

STEM - Science Technology, Engineering & Maths

SSW - Skills Support For The Workforce


TUC - Trades Union Congress

TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TES - Times Educational Supplement

TLA - Three Letter Abbreviation!

TOR - Terms of Reference

TPE - Technical & Professional Education

TPN - Training Provider Network

TQS - Training Quality Standard

TSSP - Traineship Staff Support Programme

TTG - Train To Gain

TVRN - Thames Valley Region Network


U3A - University of the 3rd Age

UCAS - Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

UFI - University for Industry

UKCES - UK Commission for Employment & Skills

UKPRN - UK Provider Registration Number

ULN - Unique Learner Number

ULR - Union Learning Representative

UTC - University Technical College

UVAC - University Vocational Awards Council


VCS - Voluntary & Community Sector

VET - Vocational Education and Training

VLE - Virtual Learning Environment


WBL - Work Based Learning

WEX - Work Experience

WRL - Work Related Learning

WSCC - West Sussex County Council

WTW - Welfare to Work

X, Y, Z

YA - Young Apprenticeship

YPLA - Young People's Learning Agency (now EFA)

YOT - Youth Offending Team

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